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PERFORMANCE DRIVING - There is no substitute.

As a thoroughbred sports car, your Porsche is capable of much more than you can safely (and lawfully) experience out on public roadways. Our High Speed Driver's Education events are designed to enhance your driving skills by focusing on control, safety and awareness. Education and seat time on the track breed the knowledge and confidence you need to experience your car's full potential. So let that beautiful thoroughbred out of its stable and join us at our next performance-driving event.

Basic Information About Our Events

  • We DO NOT have loaner helmets so anyone participating must have their own helmet (Snell SA2005 rating or higher). NOLA Motorsports Park does have rental helmets available for $25 per day which may be reserved in advance when you register on
  • You MUST have your completed Tech Inspection Form filled out before the event date, but no earlier than thirty days prior.
  • You will be expected to pass a final inspection at the track the morning of the event.
  • No alcohol consumption is allowed during the event. Anyone consuming alcohol will be asked to leave.
  • You donít need to own a Porsche to attend a PCA DE. The schools are designed to teach you to drive YOUR car better, regardless of who manufactured it. You will see many non-Porsche cars at a PCA driving school.
  • Long pants are required. As it can be warm in south Louisiana any time, always bring plenty of water.
  • Our DE Events are held at NOLA Motorsports Park.
  • There are three DE run groups (Novice, Intermediate & Advanced) which are divided by driver ability, not by car performance.
  • A qualified technician must inspect your car no more than 30 days prior to the event. Click here for a list of Approved Tech Stations.
  • You can register for our PCA events here:

Things to check before taking your car to a tech station:

The following items will be inspected: seat belts, wheel bearings, brake fluid renewed within the past six (6) months, tires (3/32" tread for non-racing tires), steering and suspension, no fluid leaks including shocks, body panels secure, battery secure, brake lights, helmet, engine belts and throttle response. Equal safety restraints for the driver and passenger seats are required in all run groups (factory seat belts for both or harness systems for both).

Click here for the DE Tech Inspection Form.
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