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Mardi Gras Region Events:

February 20th, Demonstration and Dinner at Château Estates Golf and Country ClubGreetings, to all of the Mardi Gras region members. February 20th were going to have a very interesting program and demonstration and dinner at Château Estates Golf and country club, in Kenner. I would like to tell all of the members about our first meeting in January.We had a great time. the dinner and demonstration was great in Metairie. February 20th we going to have Mr.Abby Short from Sundown tint for the front end of your car, this is a great protection against stone chips and whatever, Abby’s going to bring the front end of a Porsche and demonstrate how he installs this plastic coating. We have reserved Château Golf and country club for our dinner. It is going to be $25 per person so you must RSVP if you make the reservations and don’t show up you will be billed the fee. drinks at 6:30 PM dinner at 7PM and the demonstration by Mr. Abby at 8 PM you’re in for a big treat, to see how Abby installs this wonderful material. any questions feel free to contact me

March 9, Lunch at Middendorf’s RestaurantMarch 9th, Start your engines and check your oil because it is a road trip that we hope you can make. We have reserved to have lunch at Middendorf’s restaurant I-10 west about 20 miles from here it’s a great run and will give you a chance to go over 50 MPH in your Porsche. Tina Payton has reserved a private room for our members, It is going to be a great time so try to make it. I will inform you 3 to 4 days before we are going to meet and follow each other to the restaurant, so check that email.

April 5, Road Trip - Natchez Mississippi for a ConcourseAnother road trip, but this time it’s going to be Natchez Mississippi for a Concourse. This will take place on a beautiful spot right next to the river in Natchez Mississippi, we went the last couple years and it’s really really nice. Where all going to caravan up there Friday morning I haven’t decided on a time and a place were going to meet yet, but I will let you know about what time will all leave. We head towards Baton Rouge and then we have an escort with the state police that will bring us into Natchez where going to get there Friday, The 5th spend the night and go to the concourse all day Saturday the 6th and leave Saturday night to go home. The name of the event is called Euro Fest if you look it up on Google it will tell you more about it, if you’re looking to go you need to make reservations A.S.A.P. it’s going to be great. if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Phil Daigrepont, President


PCA Track Events:

• Mardi Gras Region is currently working on the 2019 DE calendar.  Please check back soon for updates.



Local NASA Track Events:

* The Friday before each NASA Track Weekend is an open track day for cars.

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PCA National Events:

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70th Celebration

The 70th Celebration on Saturday was a big success.  The weather was perfect, the food was great and we had a wonderful escorted parade through uptown New Orleans.

I would like to thank:

  • Porsche of New Orleans for their sponsorship of Mardi Gras Region as well as hosting the party at the dealership.  They also provided the T-shirts and lanyards.  A big thank you goes to General Manager Ryan DeToro, Jennifer Taylor, Sean Kerwin and the rest of the PNO team.
  • Rick and Tina Payton for their ideas and help in putting on these events as well as their tireless efforts for the club in general.
  • Ben Gravolet for designing the credentials everyone received.  The design featured Ben’s photograph of his 356.  The 356 was supposed to lead our parade but unfortunately, it had a mechanical problem right before the event.  Ben put a lot of work into getting the car ready for us.
  • New Orleans and Jefferson Parish Motorcycle Officers for a great escorted parade. 

For those who didn’t make the parade, we had a photographer on St. Charles Ave.  take a photo of every car as we drove by.  These photos will be free to download as soon as they are made available to us.  
If you would like to check out photos as well as video from the party go to our facebook page at:


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  • "I am extremely excited to be in this club - I couldn't ask for anything more! The members, events, and camaraderie is top-notch. For a life-long Porsche enthusiast, this is pure fun!" -Alan D, New Orleans
  • "I am extremely excited to be in this club - I couldn't ask for anything more! The members, events, and camaraderie is top-notch. For a life-long Porsche enthusiast, this is pure fun!" -Alan D, New Orleans
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